Public Involvement

Mistik has eight (8) existing co-management / advisory boards that provide ongoing input into operational plans. Mistik also has significant communication with a range of other stakeholder groups (outfitters, trappers, traditional use, grazing permittees, wild rice growers, cabin owners, etc.) in, and immediately surrounding, the Mistik FMA area. In October 2004, Mistik facilitated the formation of a single Public Advisory Group with representation solicited from all the major stakeholder groups associated with, or who have an interest in, the Mistik FMA area. Table 1 identifies the current composition of Mistik's Public Advisory Group.

Table 1. Mistik FMA area stakeholder groups and description

Stakeholder Group
Stakeholder Group Description

1. Advisory / co-management boards

Local community-based groups representing a broad spectrum of stakeholder interests including cabin owners, recreational users, environmental groups, outfitters, trappers, elders, contractors, local gov't. officials, wild rice growers, municipalities and traditional resource users:

  1. Divide Forest Advisory Corporation
  2. Pierceland & Goodsoil communities (not a formal co-management board but periodic open houses are held with the communities)
  3. Waterhen Lake Land and Resources Board
  4. Buffalo Narrows Co-management Board
  5. Sakitawak Resource Management Inc. (ILX)
  6. DeneSuline Co-management Board (Dillon)
  7. Canoe Lake Traditional Resource Users Board
  8. Beauval Co-management Board Inc.
  9. Big Island Lake Cree Nation (not a formal co-management board but periodic meetings are held with the Band)
  10. Mistik Public Advisory Group (all of the above plus others)
2. Trapping Zone 8 trappers - northern trappers are represented on each of the co-management boards.
3. Outfitting A large, loosely organized group (Saskatchewan Outfitters Association) with significant interest in the provincial forests of Saskatchewan - they have a designated 'forestry' representative.
4. Commercial fishing There are a number of commercial fishing co-operatives within the Mistik FMA area. Commercial fishing is a significant economic activity in the local area.
5. Small volume timber harvesters (MOE is main contact) Some representation on advisory boards but no official or organized representative body.
6. Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp employees All clerical, technical, management and operations staff at Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp.
7. NorSask management staff All clerical and management staff at NorSask Forest Product's sawmill.
8. NorSask unionized staff All mill workers at NorSask Forest Products sawmill.
9. Meadow Lake Tribal Council Represents the leadership of nine of the First Nations in northwest Saskatchewan (in and around the Mistik FMA Area).
10. Regulatory agency Represents the local regulatory (provincial government) agencies responsible for administrating forestry and other activities on behalf of the Province of Saskatchewan.
11. Urban municipality Meadow Lake is the primary service center in northwest Saskatchewan and home to most of the employees of Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp, NorSask and Mistik.
12. Rural municipality Rural Municipality (RM) of Meadow Lake #588 has some overlap with the Mistik FMA area (Divide and Beaver River MUs) as do the adjacent RMs of Beaver River #622, Loon Lake #561 and Mervin #499.
13. Environmental non-governmental organizations Represent the interests of the hunting, fishing and trapping public as well as environmental sustainability issues - habitat protection, conservation and environmental quality enhancement.
14. Snowmobile association (recreation) The Northern Lights Snowmobile Club has an extensive network of trails throughout portions of the Mistik FMA Area.
15. Grazing permittees Portions of the Mistik FMA Area are allocated to individuals that are granted grazing permits by the Ministry of Environment.
16. Forest workers Mistik undertakes its activities through a significant # of local contractors.
17. Interested communities Mistik will extend a general invitation to all communities within and adjacent to the Mistik FMA area in northwest Saskatchewan (refer to Table 3 of this document) to participate in the 2017 20-Year FMP process. Several communities expressed their interest in participating. Mistik has chosen to involve the representatives from these communities in the Public Advisory Group.

Mistik Statement of Respect of Aboriginal and Treaty Rights

Through a Forest Management License issued by the Crown, Mistik Management Ltd. operates a forest license area of approximately 1.9 million hectares of forestland. Within that area reside Indian and Métis people whose Aboriginal rights have been recognized and affirmed by Section 35 of The Constitution Act, 1982. The First Nation communities within this area also entered into three treaties, Treaties 6, 8 and 10, with the Crown in right of Canada. These treaties provide that the First Nations people shall have certain rights with respect to the land surrendered.

In addition, Section 39 of The Forest Resources Management Act of Saskatchewan requires certain obligations of Mistik not only to consult with "Aboriginal and other people using land within the license area" but to respond to their concerns and to the issues raised by them in relation to Mistik's activities on the license area. Accordingly, Mistik is committed to carrying out its forest management activities within the FMA license area in a manner that respects the values, uses and knowledge of the Aboriginal people living within or using the forest, on the following basis:

  1. The Aboriginal people within the FMA area have a unique and historical relationship to the forest that requires special consultation in order to identify their values, their experiences and their traditions in the use of the forest resources;
  2. Mistik is committed to involving Aboriginal forest users and their communities in the process of identifying the proper values and indicators for the sustainable management of the forest resources;
  3. Mistik recognizes that Aboriginal participation in the consultation process will not prejudice Aboriginal or treaty rights with respect to the use of the forest;
  4. Mistik shall participate in a consultative process through Aboriginal community-approved co-management and resource committees and will, through that process, disclose the extent of its planned activities for the purpose of receiving advice on the effect of those activities on the values and indicators identified by the Aboriginal community;
  5. Such disclosure shall include maps, surveys and other documentation to show in detail the extent of the planned activities in specified areas;
  6. Mistik will work in a consensual manner and shall strive to take reasonable steps to adjust its planned activities in a manner that respects the concerns expressed by the consultation process where Mistik is able to do so without prejudicing its own obligations and responsibilities to its shareholders and to the Crown.

For further information about Mistik Management Ltd. and its environmental and sustainable forest management program please contact:

Mistik Management Ltd.
Box 9060
Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1V7
Phone: (306) 236-4431
Fax: (306) 236-4426

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