Forest Certification

Environmental and Sustainable Forest Management Policy

Mistik Management Ltd. is a forestry company dedicated to the sustainable use and stewardship of 1.9 million hectares of forest in north-western Saskatchewan on behalf of NorSask Forest Products Inc., Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp Inc., and L & M Wood Products (2018). Our mission is to plan and practice forestry that balances all forest values, involves local communities in decision making and our forestry activities and builds on our experiences in a cost-effective manner.
We are committed to:
  1. Achieving and maintaining sustainable forest management standards;
  2. Continually improving our sustainable forest management performance;
  3. Improving our knowledge and understanding of forests by monitoring advances in sustainable forest management science and technology in order to continually improve our operating procedures and minimize environmental impacts;
  4. Preventing environmental pollution;
  5. Complying with environmental legislation, regulations, policies and other requirements, as well as honoring all international agreements and conventions, to which Canada is a signatory, that apply to our forestry activities;
  6. Providing for public participation in our forestry plans and activities;
  7. Respecting Indigenous Peoples and treaty rights, and providing participation opportunities for Indigenous Peoples with respect to their rights and interests, in our forestry activities;
  8. Providing the necessary knowledge and safeguards to facilitate a safe environment for forestry workers and the public;
  9. Continually monitoring and improving our environmental and sustainable forest management performance through the establishment of environmental and forest management objectives and targets, regular evaluations, and initiation of action plans where required.
Environmental and forest stewardship is both a corporate and individual responsibility. We will provide the tools and training to promote employee and contractor understanding and achievement of our environmental and sustainable forest management policy.
CSA Z809
In its role in providing wood procurement and forest management services for NorSask Forest Products Inc. and Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp Inc., Mistik recognizes the growing demand in the marketplace for third-party verification of sustainable forest management performance. In response to this marketplace demand, Mistik has achieved certification (August 2005) of its Forest Management Agreement (FMA) Area to the CSA Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Standard (CAN / CSA Z809). The CSA SFM Standard addresses the following 17 elements:
  • Conserving ecosystem diversity;
  • Conserving species diversity;
  • Conserving genetic diversity;
  • Respecting protected areas and identifying sites of special biological significance within the DFA, and implementing management strategies appropriate to their long-term maintenance;
  • Conserving ecosystem resilience;
  • Conserving forest ecosystem productivity and productive capacity;
  • Conserving soil resources;
  • Conserving water resources;
  • Maintaining processes that take carbon from the atmosphere and store it in forest ecosystems;
  • Protecting forest lands from deforestation or conversion to non-forests;
  • Managing the forest sustainability to produce an acceptable and feasible mix of both timber and non-timber benefits;
  • Contributing to the sustainability of communities by providing diverse opportunities to derive benefits from forests and to participate in their use and management;
  • Promoting the fair distribution of timber and non-timber benefits and costs;
  • Recognizing and respecting Aboriginal and treaty rights;
  • Respecting traditional forest values and uses identified through the Aboriginal input process;
  • Demonstrating that the SFM public participation process is designed and functioning to the satisfaction of the participants;
  • Providing relevant information to interested parties.
The CSA Z809 SFM Brochure is available for download in PDF file format below. If you have questions about Mistik’s CSA SFM program please contact Mistik via the contact page in this web site. Click here to view a copy of Mistik’s CSA certificate which is available in PDF file format.
CSA Z809 Forest Certification Documents
  1. Mistik Z809-16 SFM Plan Guidance (October 2020)
  2. Mistik CSA Z809 Public Summary Report (2019)
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